February 24, 2024

Making IT Helpdesk Tickets Work For Your Business

IT helpdesk is a crucial resource meant to provide timely information and assistance related to the solutions provided by an organization’s technical or network solutions. It serves as the main link between an organization’s technical support staff and the customers. The aim of IT helpdesk is to improve its interactions with the clients, thereby improving the quality of service provided by both parties.

IT helpdesk usually contains all the necessary information required

for a particular problem that the client might be facing. An IT helpdesk should contain a database with detailed reports about ticket volume, average ticket rate, maximum ticket rate, and the average ticket duration. The database should be updated regularly to reflect the current problems faced by the organization and the solutions implemented till date. Reports should be based on the unique customer characteristics.

The database should include case studies of similar organizations and provide an idea about the IT help desk response time. A case study can provide a snapshot of the present-day scenario, which could prove to be quite helpful while planning future campaigns. Based on this data IT helpdesk can chalk out a strategy for increasing ticket volume, reducing average ticket rate, holding employee training classes, and creating an upward trend in the IT department. If the case study also indicates an increase in the average number of tickets per month IT helpdesk can plan to increase the staff strength, which will in turn provide an immediate solution to the present level of issues.

The most important IT helpdesk resource is the IT team, which possesses the knowledge, skills, expertise and the resources required to resolve problems. A good IT help desk should have the ability to perform complete research and analysis related to the root cause analysis. This root cause analysis will provide IT helpdesk with a strategic plan for managing problems and increasing ticket volumes. Through the analysis IT helpdesk can chalk out a strategy to improve the quality of service delivery and lower IT costs.

The IT helpdesk managers should ensure that they maintain regular feedback monitoring of the levels of ticketing activity and outages. These processes can be used to detect problems before they become critical outages. If the IT helpdesk managers can monitor these activities then they can detect problems before customers have the experience of experiencing a critical outage.

Once a company implements these processes they will see significant improvement

in customer satisfaction and IT costs. A good IT help desk management software package should provide all the relevant information to technicians such as the hardware and software inventory, end-of-day status reports, alerts based on severity or priority and FCRR status reports. The FCRR report should provide all the relevant information such as end-of-day status, average ticket number, highest ticket date, earliest time completed and resolved issue, cost per ticket, the ratio of resolved problems to tickets opened. The customer service representative should also be able to use this information to recommend changes to the process that will improve customer satisfaction.

  • The process of managing an IT helpdesk is made easier when the technicians access the knowledge base easily.
  • Knowledge base software Asset management software can be used to automatically download all the information from the knowledge base and make it available to technicians.
  • The software is typically easy to install and use and once the technician has been trained to make use of the relevant tools, then they should be able to enter their own ticket.

The automated email and ticket entry system provide the technician with important information such as which questions are currently being answered, when the last ticket was answered and whether that agent answered it. This information allows the technician to prioritize their work and when they have completed the most important jobs they can redirect the next level of work and increase customer satisfaction.

It is very important that the IT helpdesk team maintain the right levels of support for their customers. The right levels of support to make sure that customer satisfaction is achieved. Having the right processes in place when answering tickets will also allow IT helpdesk teams to deal with issues quickly. If customer service is improved then the sla rate will decrease and customer satisfaction will increase. This is a win-win situation for everyone. Using an IT helpdesk solution with the right processes in place will lead to increased efficiency and lower IT costs.